Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trying new things

This is not a style I normally work with, yet I wanted to really explore the paint and have fun. I think I would take a little more care, and pull the dark further if I were to do it again. I would also work at adding depth to his eyes. I love the play of colour that came out though, especially on his wings. I liked experimenting with it enough that my next work is playing off of the idea.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It would be easy to zip in and paint quickly. It would be easy to give up once the first layer of paint was on and it looked "good enough."

But that wouldn't be "good enough."

Because I can do better, and in order to grow, I must patiently add paint in layers, paying attention to detail.

Sometimes, art is a good teacher for someone who was always trying to finish things fast. Except for chores. Oddly enough, unless something fun was in store, I did them very slowly. I guess I was too wrapped up in the stories I was telling to bother hurrying.

Anyways, this is an acrylic painting I'm doing as practice for class. I might enter it in our school Easter Art War III though. As long as my Sixthies (invented word I think) don't recognize the painting. They're one of two panels of judges :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another attempt at displaying wonder.

Unfortunately she got a bit dirty, and her hand is a bit out of proportion, but I am proud of this one. Especially the patience it took me to do a lot of layers on the face and hands. I think becoming an artist is learning to grow and see.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sorry it has been so long. A new quarter began and I felt I was struggling to swim against a very strong current. I think the current is still strong, but my muscles have adjusted, so it is slightly easier.

This is an attempt at a self portrait. I added the suitcase to show how you can add things that show a little about who you are. I've moved more times than I care to count, hence the suit case.

Inside is a  printer's paper tube from when I was two in Cameroon, where we would roll them down hill. There is a fossil I found in Dallas. Sticking out at corner closest to me is my Eclaireurs Evangelique neck scarf tied in a "square knot" that I am proud of. Just above it is a dress my aunt gave me when my first sister was born. It was brown and had puffed sleeves, so ignoring the fact its African design would not be found on Prince Edward Island, I called it my "Anne" dress.

 Lying on the dress is my tobacco pouch that our guard gave me. It's never held tobacco, but has held both m&m's and coins. Across the top lies a home-made bow, one of many I made over the years. I still have not found a home-made arrow as nice as the straw we used to pull off from the roof over our sand pit in Burkina though. A leaf shows both my love of the outdoors, and represents the many leaf forts we used to make. Well -- my family still makes, but since there isn't much place to do so here in Delhi, I abstain.

So there it is: an attempt at a self portrait.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Essay at a rock

It felt like the end of Prince Caspian. I had had a wonderful time in Europe with my brothers, whom I hadn't seen in ages, and with the family I lived with in France for a year as a teenager.

Now I was alone at the Zurich airport, with many hours to go before my flight, and unwieldy pink suitcase to lug around.

After much debate on whether it was worth it to lug the suitcase back into Zurich to more exploring on my own, I spotted what looked like a path leading up to a bench on the hill. The path was paved and accesible. I set out.

The first time I was there, I jumped over some nettles, into a little green natural chapel, where I spent some time in prayer and reflection. I also asked for and found some alpine strawberries.

Eventually I meandered back down. Later, at supper time, I wandered up again, wanting to have a picnic supper at the top. This time I took the left fork of the trail. I was delighted to find some large boulders clustered around, and spent several minutes jumping from one to another in delight, before settling down to a picnic of gluten free bread and cheese.

Finished, I attempted to sketch my favourite rock from above, in memory of these small delights that day.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


What can I write about this picture?

It is in honour of late nights playing Ligretto; laughing and talking until the early morning.

It is in honour of sitting together to read the Bible and pray.

It is in honour of sleeping under the Christmas tree to surprise my siblings in the morning.

It is in honour of "Good Night" "Kisher Pari" and "Sweet Dreams"

Of adventure, laughter, tears, and bear hugs.

Anda, eflin.

Writing and Sketching

I have moved more times than I care to count in my life, changing continents every two years while I still lived in the single digits. After that it slowed down, but I still moved a fair bit.

One day, tired of being uprooted constantly, and wanting  a reminder that God is in control, I painted a picture of a sad little girl being gently uprooted.

Over the summer, I was struggling once more with this grief. Within the struggle came a reminder of God's love and care, and a desire to repaint the picture with changes.

Now the girl is no longer passively being uprooted. Instead, she has been resisting -- holding onto the side of the pot. But now the Gardener has called her. In looking at Him, though her face is streaked with tears, she is letting go and reaching for Him.

Disclaimer: The main reason for this post is to let my students see how writing and sketches can work together in planning sometimes. However, I like to share the story behind things, hence the whole post.
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